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Creating and Sticking to a Family Budget

family budgetThough creating a budget may seem simplistic, it can be very involved. In order to create a family budget that you can stick to, we encourage you to take the following steps:

Identify a Goal

Though it’s always good to budget for the sake of being responsible, it’s much more effective to budget with a goal in mind. Whether it’s the down payment on your dream home, a family vacation or a home improvement project, having a goal will give the entire family something to work toward.

Review Spending Habits

Taking a hard look at your spending habits can be both difficult and rewarding. This is quite possibly the most effective way to identify where and how much you can save. Sit down and review your bank statement for the last three to six months.

How to Select a Term Life Insurance Policy for Your Needs

selecting term life insuranceWhen selecting term life insurance coverage it’s important to remember that all policies are not created equal. Though term is the most common type of life insurance, there are still several factors to consider.  At we encourage consumers, like you, to take each of the following into consideration as you narrow down your term life insurance options:

Compare Policies

In order to complete an accurate side-by-side comparison of your term life insurance options, it’s important to begin with similar policies. In other words, compare policies that offer the same amount of coverage for the same period of time. Once you’re ready to compare polices, take each of the following into account:

Three Tips to Improve Your Financial Health in the Coming Year

life insurance tips

The beginning of the year is a great time to take stock in your current financial situation and to set yourself up for success in the coming months. As we get caught up in our day to day lives we often lose sight of the bigger picture. At, powered by Oncor Insurance Services LLC, we like to remind consumers of the importance of reviewing one’s finances annually. Though it might seem like a tall order, you can in fact improve your financial health in three easy steps.

Four Financial Mistakes New Parents Should Try to Avoid

direct life insurance

As a new parent you have a lot on your plate. While making financial decisions might not be at the top of your list of priorities, it should be. At, powered by Oncor Insurance Services, LLC, we hear from new parents just like you on a daily basis. We aim to help these young families understand what permanent and term life insurance options are available. We also try to remind them to avoid these common mistakes:

How to Lock in a Life Insurance Premium that Fits into Your Family’s Budget

Life Insurance Family Budget

Some people may think locking in good life insurance premiums is like hitting a moving target with premiums going up and down all the time. In truth, you can lock in cost-effective premiums for your family by following a few simple tips and tricks of the trade. You can save money, help protect your family and have the peace of mind that comes with life insurance.

Life Insurance Quotes: How to Make Sense of it All

Life Insurance Quotes How to Make Sense of

The absolute best time to begin planning for your family’s future is today. You understandably want to be around when your family needs you, and a life insurance policy is a great way to help with their financial needs beyond your lifetime.

Three Tips To Help Secure Lower Life Insurance Premiums

family life insurance

It's a competitive world out there and life insurance premiums are no exception. You deserve the most competitive life insurance premiums possible. Although the life insurance carriers set the price, you as the consumer have the ability to shop for life insurance online to find the best price for you. The choices you make now determine the price you may pay for life insurance products many years into the future.

Life Insurance Quotes: Finding Cost-Effective Coverage Online

buy life insurance online

If you've made the decision to purchase life insurance, your next step will be to select the policy type that's right for your needs while keeping your monthly budget in mind.


That's why it is important you use’s convenient online access to a free, no obligation life insurance quote from Oncor Insurance Services, LLC. can help you find a policy that meets your budget requirements.


Young Families: Why Now's the Time to Consider Buying Life Insurance

family life insurance

Life is full of surprises. Maybe that sounds like a cliché, but the fact remains that it's also very true. You just never know what life may throw your way, which is why young families should consider purchasing life insurance to help protect the family. You need protection against those surprises that could threaten the stability of your growing family.


Many young families often forgo buying life insurance thinking that it's too expensive and not really necessary. After all, you and your spouse are young and healthy, your children are doing just fine and you have just started out in your career so a loss of income might not seem that devastating. Sadly, too many families make decisions about buying life insurance based on this false premise -- that just because things are good right now, they will always be good.


Life Insurance to Help Protect Your Family: What You Need To Know

term life insurance

Everybody wants what's best for their family whether it is saving to buy a home, raising children in a way that instills good solid values or setting tough boundaries from time to time in an effort to keep the focus on the family. You have to do what's best at all times to protect your family's interests. Purchasing life insurance to help protect your family is one of the best decisions you can make now to help secure a healthy financial future for those you care about.


Life insurance policies help ensure that life's unpredictable twists and turns won't throw your family's dreams off course. Famous financial advisers, like Suze Orman, always recommend that families purchase life insurance to help protect their family. If something happens unexpectedly to you or your partner, entire financial plans can be obliterated if there isn't an adequate life insurance policy in place.

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